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Our kindergarten

Briskebyen Montessori International is run by the montessori pedagogical principles, combined with other traditional themes and activities throughout the year. We have sensory motor skills and physical activity as a priority. We are also lucky enough to have our own swimming pool in our kindergarten.

Kindergarten children aged 0-6 years, and staff employed by staffing norm, in 4 departments (age 0-3 in familiebarnehagen in Enerhaugvegen and 3 departments aged 0-6 in Stangevegen, where 1 department are for children aged 0-3 years) The kindergarden have place for totally 50 children, with very good space for everybody, inside and outside.

We are a kindergarten with children from different countries and several continents. We have issues about children's land through the year so that all children learn about each other's countries and cultures. The kindergarten has also sponsored children through SOS Children's Villages and Plan Norway, where we help children to better lives.

The kindergarten is run by the Act relating to day care with the appropriate regulations curriculum for kindergarten by 2006. The facilities offered here are supplemented with disciplines in Montessori direction, which are language, mathematics, geography & history, art & culture, practical life, Science w / zoology, biology, physics and chemistry.

The activities in the kindergarten is placed in the adapted environment in day care so that children will find the different types of material interesting and challenging, and they get to try out their innate curiosity and the desire. Material is carefully selected and organized in permanent leaves on the activity rooms in the nursery.

A principle in Montessori-direction is that the children receive individual presentations in the various exercises with materials, and that the child is then free to choose which activities it will keep doing. It is the teacher who presents materials herein and exercises for the child.

Freedom is one of the main principles of Montessori pedagogy. Children should have the freedom to choose. Other major factors are the order / discipline, respect and imagination / creativity, and of course motion. This is the overarching goal that children will develop, and are important principles for good learning - and the development environment.

The kindergarten has a building with many large rooms, which allows us to organize various activities in different rooms. The children of us have lots of playground space, which we believe is important.One of the departments (children aged 0-3 years, are located in Enerhaugvegen.8 (close to Kiwi / XXL CC-Mart 'n) - where we've driven a small nursery since 1995.

Our nursery school places great emphasis on having a good working relationship with all parents throughout the year, and we continually strive to provide the best possible service to families with us.

Kindergarten uses its neighboring active throughout the year. Especially Hamar Park, located ca.250 meters north of us, are frequently used. Here is the free expression of sledges, skiing and skating in winter, and soccer games and other activities during the summer. Børstadlunda,, Tiger 'n, Åkersvika, Storhamar beach and the library are other excursions that are used a lot during the summer.

We are a nursery that also adds weight to be much out there. The kindergarten has a fixed outing each week, and we are out every day after lunch. We also have a barbecue house that we enjoy ourselves in.